South African Visa and Work Permit Application Forms | Work Permit - South African visa and Work permmit application forms. Zimbabwean Exemption Permit Visa Information In South Africa - of Home Affairs is pleased to announce the opening of the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit Centres 10 cities within South Africa. Zimbabwean Exemption Permit Visa Information In South Africa - Department of Home Affairs is pleased to announce the opening of the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit Centres 10 cities within...
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Today we had our monthly knack travel ambassadors meeting one of the beautiful things about this meeting is we were talking about the critical skills work permit light is available in South Africa for people wishing to travel to South Africa basically what this what permitted tells that anybody who's qualified with a minimum of a diploma level can be able to apply for this particular work permits to be able to work in South Africa without actually having secured a job in the first place so we're talking of people who are I've got a qualification and Business Administration IT agriculture engineering in all these different fields which a lot of malawi has qualified for so it's a beautiful beautiful new product that is been brought to the market which a lot of Malawians should take advantage of especially now that we're having a lot of our young people coming out of diplomas and and what have you onto the stage so this is a beautiful beautiful I'm Clement Ruben I have one of the neck ambassadors our main duty or our duties as ambassadors is to say we are there to help out those people who are willing to come South Africa all those students those people are willing to go upload education so that's basically my main dude has an ambassador this government of everyone we are looking at those people who are qualified remain codified people like those people have been any we did any course like they haven't diplomas in agriculture Business Administration IT those are the ones we are really dealing with to help them out get a job at South Africa even those people are willing to go and do other is to study abroad they are helping people those probably like MSC IGCSE would in those type of schools here in Malawi we are the father they can cover an education we are connected we are not doing this on our own it's not all a new age in my you have also how we do our partners as well as at Africa when you're working with I assure home Elias who interested too good South Africa they can open our doors well have gone hope the market of South Africa as long as they're having a work permit you allowed to sit South Africa legally I understand medallions are very hardworking people that's the main reason why we say why don't we help our own people say that and go there good jobs and assemble our some South Africans yes there are felling to get jobs in their own country and that's their very good cousin say hi and how Marian's getting jobs there we say they can get a job South Africa through us because we believe to say once they they walk on our doors and say they need a work permit they are very very self nothing bad is going to happen to them